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EHS Leader / Goodyear (Lincoln, NE)

Posted: Jul 30, 2019

Develop, implement, maintain and evaluate a comprehensive and proactive safety and health programĀ Ensure compliance with OSHA, Corporate regulations and policies and other requirements
Develop, deliver and document annual plant wide training
Lead OHSAS Planning and implementationPlan, Train and lead Plant Safety Committee
Audit EHS programs to ensure compliance and effectiveness
Participate as a member of the Plant Operating Committee
Develop and maintain mandatory records including, OSHA log, permits and waste programs
Lead and/or participate in Job Hazard Analysis, including ergonomics
Investigation of employee concerns, EHS Incidents, and Employee Observations/Near Misses, along with corrective action development
Identifies EHS goals to support achievement of the corporate EHS targets and objectives
Manages Industrial Hygiene program to include sampling & analysis, data collection, and data reporting
Manages ThirdĀ­ Party consultants and projects associated with EHS activities
Acts as the facility EHS contact with government agencies

Safety Specialist / Iowa State University (Ames, IA)

Posted: Jul 27, 2019

Iowa State University – Safety Specialist, Facilities Planning and Management

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Job Description:

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) at Iowa State University is seeking candidates for a Safety Specialist to work full-time with the Facilities Planning and Management Department (FP&M). This position will provide expert assistance in the implementation of university occupational safety and health programs for a department of 470 personnel responsible for campus utilities; building maintenance; custodial services; grounds maintenance; facilities design and construction; and department administrative services. The primary responsibilities of this position include:

  • Developing and sustaining safety programs and training tailored to FP&M staff and functions, with a focus on injury reduction.
  • Performing workplace safety inspections, job safety analyses, accident investigation and reporting, and employee training.
  • Monitoring correction of workplace hazards and responses to observational safety efforts, evaluating and responding to first report of injuries, and managing department near miss reporting system and follow-up.
  • Collecting data to determine and report department and unit level incident rates, evaluate trends and recommend improvements.

Industrial Hygienist and Occupational Health

Posted: Jun 20, 2019

Industrial Hygienist and Occupational Health

The Industrial Hygienist and Occupational Health Leader will manage, coordinate, and implement Industrial Health and Occupational Health programs across the company. (3 sites).


  • Develop, Implement and Improve the IH and OH programs and standards.
  • Set clear expectations related to what is required by each facility to ensure compliance and establish a process to verify compliance
  • Provide hands-on expertise to implement and maintain IH/OH programs.
  • Ensure that IH Exposure Assessments and monitoring are performed and documented.
  • Assess site IH and OH needs and help develop action plans to address gaps that are identified.
  • Manage IH and OH consultant resources where required.
  • Work with the sites to complete the IH and OH portions of the self-assessment process.
  • Lead the Hearing Conservation and Ergonomics programs
  • Assist sites in identifying engineering controls, personal protective equipment and work practices to minimize potential occupational health risks.
  • Uses various IH tools and systems to assess potential health risks and resources where needed.
  • Maintain and Improve the hazardous chemical management processes.
  • Development, implementation and improvement of the asbestos program. Assist with identification processes, evaluated and controlled.
  • Oversee the Radiation Safety Programs and put a compliance verification process in place.
  • Promote and review capital projects in support of the IH and OH programs as necessary.
  • Provide support to the Product Stewardship programs as necessary.
  • Other duties as identified by manager