Safety and Training Coordinator / Drake Williams Steel (Omaha)

Job Details
Level: Undisclosed
Job Location: Rebar – Omaha, NE
Position Type: Full Time
Education Level: Undisclosed
Salary Range: $40,000.00 – $70,000.00 Salary/year
Travel Percentage: Undisclosed
Job Shift: 1st Shift
Job Category: TrainingDescription

Primary Purpose of this Position:

Responsible for the development, implementation and support of safety programs and related records/reports throughout all DWS facilities that are necessary to ensure the safety and health of all employees at the highest level possible.  Also, responsible to develop, implement and maintain training programs and all associated reports/documentation throughout the production and maintenance areas in support of Company goals related to all key performance areas that affect the bottom line including quality, efficiency, production throughput, reliability and employee satisfaction goals.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Develop training programs to support company goals and enable employees to achieve their maximum potential and maximize efficiency, quality and healthy work practices
  2. Evaluate effectiveness of existing training programs by investigating and analyzing training needs and suggest changes.  Ensure that steps are taken to correct problem areas.
  3. Maintain all required documentation and records for all aspects of training, safety, and environmental. Including reports for all government agencies.
  4. Research and acquire training services from vendors and professional trainers as needed.
  5. Maintain training profiles for each employee within the HRIS system.
  6. Aid in the development and maintenance of job descriptions.
  7. Develop qualification standards for competency verification including qualification forms (training matrix) for each position.
  8. Write procedures from each training session for reference and verification of adherence to established procedures.
  9. Take the lead in managing the overall safety program to include developing safe job procedures, safety training, regular facility and practice inspections.
  10. Direct and assist in preparation, submittal and retention of all safety documentation/reports and records.
  11. Direct the Safety Committee and ensure follow up and follow through on all issues
  12. Conduct investigations for accidents/safety complaints/violations as required
  13. Work with the Support Services Director regarding any policy updates/practice recommendations and injury management/return to work programs.
  14. Interact with production supervisors to determine and resolve safety and training issues involving Support Services Director as needed.
  15. Assist in the hiring and orientation of new employees.
  16. Benchmark operations and maintenance against industry best practices for production, safety and overall production training.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. In depth knowledge of methods, tools, equipment, and supplies used in the fabrication of structural steel.
  2. Knowledge of environmental, safety and health laws and regulations pertinent to the Company, with emphasis on fabrication of structural steel.
  3. Excellent leadership, communication, planning, organizational, innovating and teambuilding skills.  Strong skills and ability to communicate with shop floor personnel.
  4. Thorough and strong attention to details.
  5. Creative, resourceful, decisive and accountable.
  6. Excellent skills and knowledge in developing, implementing and managing employee training and development programs.
  7. Good computer knowledge and skills including word processing, spreadsheet, email and Internet.
  8. Can maintain confidentiality and has the discernment to know when/if to divulge sensitive information to employees, perspective employees or others seeking information.

Physical Demands:

  1. Stand OCCASIONALLY over the course of the 8 to 12 hour work shift.
  2. Walk OCCASIONALLY over the course of the 8 to 12 hour work shift.  The distances walked will range from a distance of a few feet to several hundred feet.
  3. Sit FREQUENTLY to CONTINUOUSLY over the course of the 8 to 12 hour work shift.
  4. Lift weights up to 30 pounds OCCASIONALLY from floor to head level, which includes the various prints, books, binders, and papers utilized to perform the usual work duties. 
  5. Lift weights up to 50 pounds RARELY to OCCASIONALLY from floor to chest level, which may include boxes of papers, books, etc.
  6. Carry weights noted above distances ranging from a few feet to several hundred feet.  50 pounds would be carried 50 feet.  Lifting devices are available.
  7. Climb OCCASIONALLY onto steps or ladders.
  8. Stoop or crouch OCCASIONALLY while performing the regular job duties.  Tasks would include looking in filing cabinets, removing supplies, and restocking paper in the copier.  The position will be held continuously for a few seconds to a few minutes, depending upon task. 
  9. Kneel OCCASIONALLY in the commission of job duties, depending upon the task.
  10. Crawl OCCASIONALLY up to 10 feet to plug in equipment, retrieve dropped materials, etc.
  11. Reach forward OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY to perform job duties or to retrieve tools.  The employee will OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY be required to reach to full forward extension.
  12. Reach overhead OCCASIONALLY to retrieve books, supplies, etc.
  13. Push and pull drawers open OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY to retrieve tools or supplies.
  14. Gross finger dexterity skills required operating the mouse utilized in the course of standard job duties.  Fine finger dexterity is not required.

Non-Material Handling Demands

  1. Employee is expected to work 40 hours a week.  However, hours including overtime and weekends may be required based on Drake-Williams Steel’s needs.
  2. Hear sufficiently to be aware of safety issues.
  3. Visual ability to read and interpret material to satisfactorily do job.
  4. Exposure to heat, cold, wet and humid conditions OCCASIONALLY.
  5. Exposure to fumes, odors and dusts OCCASIONALLY.
  6. Exposure to solvents, greases, oils, and coolants OCCASIONALLY.
  7. Wear all required Personal Protective Equipment.  PPE includes steel-toe safety shoes, hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats.

Tools Utilized:

Miscellaneous office supplies and equipment, Pencil, Square, Tape Measure, and other tools as required

Experience and Education Required:

  1. High school degree or equivalent.  Some college technical courses or college degree preferred.
  2. Minimum of three years providing instruction and support of technical training/production training and safety management

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