Environmental Manager / Monolith (Hallam, NE)

Your role

The Environmental Manager is responsible for leading and improving the environmental programs at OC1 and other Monolith locations through coordination with Monolith employees, consultants and government agencies.

You will

Manage and continuously improve processes and procedures to manage risk, involve employees and proactively protect employees and contractors. 

  • Provide technical expertise, develops programs and practices that create a strong grass-roots ownership of environmental compliance activities and reporting requirements
  • Have full ownership of environmental regulatory permits and necessary activities to achieve 100% compliance
  • Establish the training and practices for all employees to support environmental compliance  
  • Ensure proper compliance equipment are installed and maintained to monitor and capture regulatory data for appropriate reporting.
  • Audit and evaluate behaviors, practices, tools and plant site to ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards.   

Assure compliance with regulations and permits through training, auditing, sampling and reporting.

  • Be responsible for providing technical knowledge for air, water, waste management permits and emergency response procedures and training.

Coordinate with Safety Leader on Emergency Planning processes to prepare organizations and employees for dealing with injuries, incidents and environmental events to minimize adverse impact on people, property and the environment. 

  • Train, drill and equip employees to respond with best practices to emergencies
  • Work with all parts of the organization to analyze environmental impacts of activities and proactively put processes in place to mitigate incidents.
  • Participate in root cause analysis of accidents, incidents and serious near misses and monitors follow-up items to assure environmental compliance is achieved.     

Perform other duties as needed.

You have

  • Bachelor’s Degree in environmental program or related engineering/science field. 
  • Five or more years of industrial/manufacturing environmental experience
  • Worked with federal and state environmental regulators or
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience to successfully perform the job duties and responsibilities.
  • Strong knowledge of air, water and solid waste regulations, chemical plant requirements and best practices.  
  • Strong knowledge of health regulations and quickly learn the requirements for the carbon black industry
  • Strong knowledge of chemical plant safety work practices and regulations (excavation, welding, LOTO, electrical, elevated work, confined space, etc.)
  • Attention to detail and persistent follow up. Proactively engage others to intervene and educate. Seek to understand root cause and mitigate risk.
  • Strong organizational skills.  Good written, computer, and interpersonal skills.
  • Low ego and thrives on the Team’s success.
  • Committed to our values
    • Safety matters most
    • Solve the impossible, embrace reality
    • People make the difference
    • Decisions drive results
    • Generosity of spirit
    • Enjoy the ride

Your work environment

Includes a combination of office computer work, meetings and conference calls with team members and a large percentage of time outside in the plant walking and climbing to audit people, property and environment. 

Your travel

Less than 10% travel to visit other Monolith sites in the Lincoln area, local emergency response agencies and meeting with federal and state regulators’ offices.  

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